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P2BP Episode 22 - Hizstory - The Bavarian Illuminati & “Jesuitism” Part 2 (paid)

March 13, 2020


Part 2 for Members: We discuss the wide variety of criticisms hurled at Barruel and his Memoirs, ranging from H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy to Freemasonry to Jéwîsh historians, to American Founding Fathers, to Catholics alike.  Are these criticisms fair? Or is there usually a big piece of the puzzle missing? and often with a ‘scapegoat ritual’ attached to these criticisms? All while blaming Barruel for being the one ‘scapegoating’ Masons and “enthusiastic philanthropists” such as Adam Weishaupt; and never actually addressing any of the actual proofs contained in Barruel’s Memoirs; of which are found in abundance.

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