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P2BP Podcast Episode 12 - Kamaljit Nandra 🇪

July 1, 2015

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Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Kam and I discuss her understandings of Eastern religion and how it relates to Madame Blavatsky's viewpoints on it's role in Theosophy.  We discuss some of the similarities amongst particular religious views.  Kam espouses the 'syncronicity' aspect of religions.  While I do agree that religions like Hinduism and Christianity have similarities, I also contend that there are distinct differences that are difficult to reconcile with the ideas of syncretists who maintain "all religions are basically the same."  Despite our difference of opinion on this matter we were able to have a fun, light-hearted and productive conversation.  Enjoy.

Kam's Links:

Kalachackra - Tibetan Buddhism.

1. D.K, Kalachackra and Shambala  - David Reigle.

2.  Tibetan Buddhism - Rime Institute: Introduction to Kalachackra.

3.  Kalachackra Deity: (4 Faces, 24 hands).

4. Chackrasambhava: (Wheel of Bliss).

5. The Kalachackra Mandala.

6.  Chart of the Elements in a Kalachackra Sand Mandala.

Surya Siddhanta.
7. Surya Siddhanta: Astronomy Book of 1st Millenium.

8. Sadhguru Surya Siddhanta

Yuga - Time Cylces.

Yogiraj Gurunath The Yugas, Sri Yukteswar and the Movement of Consciousness" on YouTube

10. Root Races & Fate of Humanity: Role of Moses, Kaballah and the Indian Yugas"

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