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P2BP Podcast Episode 16 - Emily Moyer 🇪

August 8, 2015

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Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Emily (from OffPlanet Radio) and I have a conversation about health and diet.  She talks about her own trials and tribulations in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and her personal relationship with Ann Boroch, author of the Candida Cure.  We get into the Vegan/Vegetarian diet and discuss some potential pitfalls as well as some red flags to consider in regards to Occult agendas; specifically in regards to the promotion of this diet by the United Nations.  We also talk about many other topics such as sugar, soy, drinking water, the so-called ‘toxic’ masculinity of meat-eating, climate change and transgender agendas; and of course dinosaurs… yes, dinosaurs.  Emily is available for consultations in regards to health and diet, and is currently taking additional courses on the topic to help expand her knowledge on the subject.  Enjoy.

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