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P2BP Podcast Episode 4 - David Whitehead

March 9, 2018

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Conversation starts @ 3:05 – David and I talk about the arguments of individualism vs. collectivism in relation to Ayn Rand's philosophies. We also discuss martial arts, self-discipline and accepting responsibility in conjunction with building self-confidence and giving an earnest attempt to rise out of the 'victim culture' & self-loathing that has been exponentially growing in the Western world. As with any controversial topics please apply common sense: we aren't saying that there aren't real victims in life or that people should only receive "tough love" to get through problems; the point is that working through them on your own (along with support from positive influences) is far more effective in building self-confidence and a better future in contrast to the nanny state of government handouts. As usual, it's always a balance of mercy & severity in dealing with your own problems and others. While Ayn Rand might learn more toward the line of severity, we both believe her work is well worth reading; despite any flaws or perceived coldness towards those who are in unfortunate situations. There is a lot of content in her work that is inspiring, practical, and common sense––you may not agree and that is fine––but at least disagree with what she actually wrote, not what is said about her in assumption and misunderstanding. Enjoy.

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Way of the Truth Warrior

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