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P2BP Podcast Episode 5 - Emily Moyer

March 9, 2018

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Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Emily and I go "OffPlanet" and discuss the metaphysical forces in the world that help guide and manifest behavior in society and culture; particularly in relationship to the electronic dance scene and music & partying in general.  We also go into the hidden Occult aspects of EDM in regards to Burning Man, DJ's as priests, ritual Magick, and the religion of science & technology hiding esoteric agendas within them; let us also not forget its resident superhero Elon Musk!  We also go into the strange connections to government, surveillance and intelligence agencies within these movements and festivals.  Yes liberation; consciousness expansion; freedom; equality; the breaking free of societal norms and "Saturnian" institutions... all brought to you by the government and CIA, the way it should be!  Enjoy.

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