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P2BP Podcast Episode 8 - Mike Williams

March 13, 2018

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Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Mike and I discuss the censorship issues going on in the "truther" community and some potential alternatives for content creation.  We weigh the pro’s and con’s of platforms such as Steemit & DTube and a few others.  We also touch upon the unavoidable left/right paradigms we must navigate through in this community.  Despite trying to remove ourselves from it's rhetoric, it inexorably crosses over into the alternative media whether we like it or not. It’s all about defining context when dealing with parties, polarities, groups and generalizations.  It can be a daunting task.  There is of course hope, but it relies on our ability to reconcile differences of opinions and work together; to focus on what we can all agree upon and build from there.  A great place to start is the imperative issue at hand and the main topic of our discussion; that nasty “C” word: CENSORSHIP.  Enjoy.

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Mike's Bio:
Mike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet radio show The Sage of Quay Radio Hour. He is also the founder of the alternative news blog Sage of Quay Radio.

Mike's radio show and blog is dedicated to awakening the masses and bring humanity back into our natural existence of living in truth and serving Creation.

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