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P2BP Episode 20 - Hizstory - The Cathar Crazies Part 1 (free)

February 27, 2020


In part one we cover the "exoteric" history of the Cathar heresy in Southern France during the 13th century.  This includes the origins of the heresy coming from Byzantium, the development of doctrine, its teachings, and all the wild stuff that these Cathars believed in order to rebel against "The Empire" of Holy Rome.  Barber misses one key component which we discuss in hour two.

Part 2 for Members: We discuss the influence of a particular "tribe" in helping to spread the Cathar heresy (also the Waldensians), and sheltering them from the Inquisition and Crusades.  We go into several different sources to try to get the full spectrum of viewpoints on this influence and how they – despite being a major aspect of the Albigensian crusade – get lost amongst modern academia, who misses a big piece of the Cathar puzzle.

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