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P2BP Episode 22 - Hizstory - The Bavarian Illuminati & “Jesuitism” Part 1 (free)

March 17, 2020


In part one we cover the basic background of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt and their alleged connection to the Jesuits.  As in the previous episode, we are using Barruel’s Memoirs which contains the Illuminati documents confiscated by the Bavarian police’s raid on the “Adept” Cato.  We discuss the two different branches of Illuminism: the more “rationalist” type of Weishaupt, and the more mystical sides akin to the Swedenborgs and Martinists; of which are alluded to in the Hollywood movie the Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp, who engages in his Luciferian “initiation” path to so-called “enlightenment.”  NOTE: it is mentioned that we would cover Ignatius Loyola controversies and ties to “alumbrados” in hour 2.  However, due to time constraints we were not able to; we’ll do a separate P2BP dealing with the early Jesuits and any mythos surrounding Loyola and his alleged “Illuminism.”

Part 2 for Members: We discuss the wide variety of criticisms hurled at Barruel and his Memoirs, ranging from H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy to Freemasonry to Jéwîsh historians, to American Founding Fathers, to Catholics alike.  Are these criticisms fair? Or is there usually a big piece of the puzzle missing? and often with a ‘scapegoat ritual’ attached to these criticisms? All while blaming Barruel for being the one ‘scapegoating’ Masons and “enthusiastic philanthropists” such as Adam Weishaupt; and never actually addressing any of the actual proofs contained in Barruel’s Memoirs; of which are found in abundance.

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