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P2BP Episode 25 - It Ain’t Dogma - The Sons of God, Watchers & Genesis 6 Part 1 (free)

April 15, 2020


In part one we outline the main disputes involved in interpreting Genesis 6 and the union of the “Sons of God” with the “daughters of men” producing the mighty “Nephilim.”  Often times this will lead one to venture into the Book of Enoch, perhaps others like the Book of Giants, Jubilees, and potentially even further down the rabbit hole into more radical viewpoints like the serpent-seed producing Cain.  Rabbit holes aside, the fundamental divergence is the nature of these “Sons of God” being angelic entities mating with women, or analogous to humans, albeit ‘Godly’ ones mating with women; from there sprouts a wide variety of exegesis which can easily bring you into more Occult, Gnostic, Manichean, or Kabalistic texts and traditions; in this first hour we focus mainly on these Occult associations and themes and wrap up on views relative to post 70AD Jüdåism. 

Part 2 for Members: An epic 2 hour and 40 minute endeavor, shifting gears from Occultism to arguments found within Christianity – often prominent in the Alt-Media – that take the angelic interpretation over the “Sethite” viewpoint held by the Catholic tradition from Augustine to Aquinas to modernity––generally speaking.  We compare and contrast these viewpoints, find the common ground, and separate out what is opposing, and try to apply the same criteria of judgement for each; and ultimately let you decide where the chips fall in your eyes, as there’s solid arguments to be found on both sides.  Regardless of where you end up, it’s certainly a solid bet that taking the Sethite view will be far less likely to lead others into viewpoints that align with Gnosticism, Manichean Dualism and Jéwîsh Kabbalah; whether you believe it to be valid or not.

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