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P2BP Episode 26 - Hizstory - Occult Nazis & the Aryan Noble Savage Part 2 (paid)

April 25, 2020


Part 2 for Members: We wrap up our focus on the individuals most responsible for this Germanic-Occult revival, and find how contradictory it all is, where much of the esoteric knowledge actually came from Kabalistic Jéws, despite these Nazi’s seeing them as a sworn enemy.  The Noble Savage ideal stemming from the Enlightenment has many different manifestations tied to their own subjective ‘gnosis’, usually taking them back to an antiquity of priest-kings before the evil-demiurge worshipper ‘desert-cult’ of Christianity put this divine “Sophia” in shackles for 1,000 years of Dark Ages; but alas, this ancient wisdom of ‘insert-your-favorite-Pagan-LARP-here’ shall rise again and conquer this evil Saturnine principle of darkness and ignorance!  At least that is the battle cry… but, is this perhaps a dialectic to pit you against others claiming the same thing for different reasons, caught in an all-devouring revolution against European Christendom?  Important questions to consider, and perhaps this is the true ‘gnosis’ you can gain from studying The Occult Roots of Nazism.

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The Occult Roots of Nazism:

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