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P2BP Episode 28 - Hizstory - Magic & Cabala in Christendom Part 1 (free)

May 11, 2020


We discuss Occultism in Europe during the Renaissance/Reformation period up through the Enlightenment, and the relationship of Kabbalah with a 'K' to Cabala with a 'C.'  These broad themes are the focus for this first part, and there's plenty of re-occurring strangeness to be found in connections to Venice, Prague, Constantinople, and the hidden realms of the esoteric in a secret collaboration with Christian aristocracy and  Kabalistic Jéwîsh merchants, bankers, spies and alchemists; all in attempts to avoid the watchful eye of the Inquisition, Jesuits and Papal policies in regards to such magical practices and undertakings.

Part 2 for Members: We get into much more detail in regards to cryptography, poisons, weapons, palmistry, talismans, amulets and of course the ever-elusive unicorn.  Much of this relates to the Occult-minded court of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, connections with Venice, and even King Henry VIII's divorce are intertwined with all of this Occult mystique and Hébråîc influence.

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