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P2BP Episode 29 - Guest - Tim Kelly Part 2 (premium)

May 25, 2020


Part 2 for Members:  We dig deeper into the Church subversion from the other side of the Atlantic, and discuss the P2 Lodge, Operation Gladio, and the more right-wing infiltration groups.  This is contrasted with the more leftist side of the Jesuits ‘transmutation’ into a “social justice” institution with Marxist principles under their Liberation Theology movement.  How do these groups, who should be at complete odds with each other, all synthesize under the “Americanist heresy” as to change the Church from within?  Perhaps there is an element of Divine Providence that can explain the unexplained, despite the temporal machinations of elite oligarchs and their collaborating schemes to bend the Church to the will of their alchemical magic(k) tricks under American pragmatism.

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