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P2BP Episode 30 - Off the Cuff - Kovid 1984 & Waycism Part 2 (premium)

June 17, 2020


Part 2 for Members: We go into Christian slavery perpetrated by Muslim masters – and the complexities that go with it – in North Africa and the surrounding areas; we also discuss the sex slavery and prostitution tied to the Greek pederasty culture that continued in these African cities such as Tunis, Algiers and Tripoli, etc.  Also touched upon is the inherent W.A.S.P. (‘white’ Protestant) racism built into its anti-Catholicism, and targeted at Catholic countries such as Spain (and to a lesser degree Italy) for being ‘tainted’ with Moor and Jéwîsh blood; thus, any SJW leftists who promote the Spanish ‘Black Legend’ are actually using propaganda created by ‘white’ racists, and in particular the Germanic nationalism that led to the Nazi regime…funny how that works.

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