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P2BP Episode 31 - Guest - Tristan of Primal Edge Health Part 1 (free)

June 27, 2020


Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Tristan from Primal Edge Health joins us to discuss health and diet.  We begin by discussing his dietary journey, and how that evolved into doing the work he does on health, and engaging in debates regarding vegan or vegetarian diets vs. carnivore or ketogenic diets.  In the first hour we mainly focus on the ‘material’ aspects, and what people can do to help improve their health through diet in the ‘temporal’ realm.

Part 2 for Members:  We transition from the physical to the metaphysical realms of discussion, and dig deeper into the psychology, philosophy and spirituality that tends to be attached to veganism or vegetarian diets––especially in conjunction with social engineering and global UN agendas.  We discuss Christianity / Catholicism in contradistinction to more Theosophical or New Age mindsets that are tied to Pantheism.

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