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P2BP Episode 32 - Hizstory - John Dee & the “Angelic” New World Order Part 2 (premium)

July 10, 2020


Part 2 for Members: We get into much more detail in regards to “Esoteric Protestantism” and it’s influence behind the scenes of the so-called Reformation.  All things are made new, but are they in the image of Christ? Or a slow return back to Paganism with a mask of Christianity, all while projecting those very claims onto the “beast” of the Roman Catholic Church.  We discuss more on John Dee himself, his background, and aspects that relate to Elizabeth I, who was the progeny of the great “divorce” from the Catholic Church by her father Henry VIII in his ‘unholy union’ with Anne Boleyn.  We also discuss a strange psychic throwback to Gnostics texts that were discovered centuries later, as in The Thunder, Perfect Mind, which said “angels” reveal eerily similar passages to something that was not to be known to Western Civilization until the 1945 discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts… coincidence?  Or perhaps divine synchronicity?  We’ll let you decide.

Books Discussed:
John Dee & the Empire of Angels:

The Jéwîsh Revolutionary Spirit:

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