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P2BP Episode 33 - Hizstory - Love or Lust? Libido Dominandi of Ludwig & Lola Part 2 (premium)

August 1, 2020


Part 2 for Members: We get into much more detail in regards to this bizarre, frustrating, sad but at times hilarious drama of Ludwig & Lola.  We discuss more on the Jesuit conspiracy theories alleged by both the King and Ms. Montez, even her pragmatic 180° turn – for about a few months – on Catholicism and the Ultramontanes; and how Lola found her ultimate ‘freedom’ in America; as ‘Superstitious Catholicism’ was still keeping Europe stuck in the Dark Ages.   Lola could finally ‘take flight’ and spread her Masonic wings, leading the charge for Lady Liberty, as a ‘strong independent female’ pioneering new ground in the theater industry; all in grandiose fashion; and in the 19th century only possible in the ‘religiously tolerant’ Free-Masonic Republic and  ‘progressive’ Protestant culture of the grand ole U.S. of A…which ends in death by syphilis…can you taste it? FREEDOM BABY! For breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Resources & Books Discussed:
Lola Montez by Bruce Seymour (‘borrow’ on

1847: A Chronicle of Genius, Generosity & Savagery by Turtle Bunbury (used to be able to preview on Google Books but it seems this is not the case anymore):

Richard Wagner Kulturkampf & Anti-Ultramontane-Jesuitism:

ATI History - Lola Montez and Syphilis:

Lola Montez Stroke and Death (Syphilis not mentioned here):

Lola Cartoons & Portraits:
Lola & Lap-Dog Ludwig:

Goodbye Europe, Hello America:

Pan’s Crown for Lola:

Lola Dances for America:

Lola “Sinister Smirk” Portrait by Kaulbach:

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