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P2BP Episode 36 - It Ain’t Dogma - East & West 4th Crusade Part 5 (free)

August 28, 2020


Part 5 for Free:  Here we begin our journey in the 4th Crusade debacle.  Is it as simple – as many Eastern Orthodox polemicists say – as the Pope and Frankish Kings conspiring to destroy Byzantium’s power by sending the 4th Crusade there to Constantinople? Or is it far more complex, and there’s corrupting interests on both the Latin and Greek side, along with *gasp*, the Pope and Frankish nobility and soldiery being far more honorable, virtuous and protecting of rogue Crusade interests and corruption despite often being blamed for it?  In this segment we’ll focus on the sack of the Catholic city of Zara (in modern day Croatia) and all the interests leading up to the preparation for advancing to Constantinople to participate in the Ouroboros Serpent of Byzantine Emperors devouring each other.

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