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P2BP Episode 36 - It Ain’t Dogma - East & West Emperors Part 3 (paid)

August 28, 2020

Part 3 for Members: We discuss the rise of the Frankish Kings with the Merovingians and then the Carolingians while comparing and contrasting with Byzantium’s Emperors and power struggles involving them.  More specifically we focus on co-regents Constantine VI and Irene of Athens, and how attempts were made to unite their family with Charlemagne’s but were all in vain in the end.  Then the all-devouring Ouroboros took over which included: copious amounts of eye-gouging and tongue cutting, conspiring for coup d’etats, adulterous marriages and many more lovely events leading up to the shift of power over to Charlemagne in 800 A.D.

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